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#EASD2020 Sanofi a solid and concrete commitment to care of diabetes


During the scientific conference of EASD European diabetologists we asked two questions to one of the largest companies involved in the treatment of diabetes: Sanofi. Thanks for the replies.

Sanofi is the most important world organization committed to the innovation of treatment of diabetes, the centenary of insulin and the advancement of therapies for the treatment of diabetes, which perspectives it offers us, especially for the correct adherence to therapy and simplifying the life of patients?

Yes absolutely, Sanofi is committed to the innovation of diabetes treatment. The global burden of diabetes continues to rise at an alarming rate. Around half of all people with diabetes have uncontrolled high blood sugar, leading to complications with the potential to overwhelm healthcare systems, and that result in someone dying nearly every seven seconds. It is our belief that people with diabetes should be able to live well and manage their condition simply and conveniently, without fear or emotional burden. To that end, we want to enable people living with diabetes to improve their outcomes and well-being, and add value for all stakeholders, by championing individualized care solutions.


So, Sanofi is taking a new path focusing on real-life data and analytics to improve understanding of diabetes and find solutions to meet individual daily needs, because every person’s life with diabetes is complex and different. We are also taking a unique approach bringing together our broad insulin-based portfolio with the power of digital and personal technology. By developing a comprehensive care ecosystem, we will help each individual living with diabetes to achieve better outcomes. Finally, we are working as a trusted partner with scientific societies, healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities and people with diabetes to support education and drive uptake of our distinctive solutions to simplify daily diabetes management.

 Between now and 2021, what do you have planned for initiatives to celebrate the centenary of insulin?

100 years of insulin is a major milestone to celebrate and we will support the different diabetes organisations and patient groups that are involved in marking this event.

Before insulin, people with diabetes didn’t live for long; there was little doctors could do for them. Insulin without a doubt has truly revolutionized both the therapy and the prognosis of diabetes. Sanofi is proud to have played a major part in the innovation and sustained research efforts with breakthrough advances that have helped define the standard of treatment and transformed the daily lives of people living with diabetes. But we cannot stop here. We cannot wait another 100 years to make a greater difference in the lives of people with diabetes. That’s why we are taking a lead in the digital/virtual space to build a comprehensive care ecosystem based on technology that is easy to use, supports long-lasting healthy habits, and improves outcomes for people living with this chronic disease. Our hope is that individualized solutions will set the new standard of care, so that people with diabetes are empowered to manage their own health simply and conveniently, and live the life they want, undeterred by their diabetes.

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