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The number of people with diabetes continues to grow around the world, according to the International Diabetes Federation: 463 million adults (1 in 11) in 2019 had diabetes and estimates that by 2030 the number will grow to 578 million , with 4.2 million deaths in 2019 alone.

In Italy there are about 4 million people with diabetes and, in line with the global trend, two thirds of them live in urban contexts, where lifestyles and nutrition are determining factors, related to the level of education and socio-economic condition. of the person. In this sense, therefore, it is essential to reiterate how the two main environments of growth and training, family and school, have an important role in prevention in the management of diabetes itself.

As every year, World Diabetes Day is dedicated to a theme and this year is dedicated to nurses in their role in supporting people living with diabetes. Put to the test by the pandemic, people with diabetes have been found to be among the most vulnerable and fragile, and so this November 14th also becomes a time to take stock of their needs: today more than ever, it serves to guarantee continuity of care to all patients , also through remote controls, teleconsultations and telemedicine. It cannot be imagined that chronic patients, suffering from progressive pathologies and prone to developing comorbidities, become an emergency in the emergency, they must instead be able to enjoy the same responses and the same attention that other pathologies receive, starting from SARS-CoV -2,

Updated the Manifesto of the rights and duties of the person with diabetes of the Covid-19 emergency, we will send it, as a parliamentary intergroup, to all institutional representatives in order to keep the spotlight on a risk we do not want to incur, namely that of leave people with diabetes behind.

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