New podcast series reveals the truth about hormones and health


Hormones: The Inside Story is a brand new podcast series uncovering the facts about hormones and health using an expert-led, myth-busting and often amusing format.


Hormones affect stress, sleep, body fat, fertility and almost every aspect of our daily lives and health. However, the mainstream media is brimming with misinformation and potentially dangerous advice from a host of non-experts and dubious commercial enterprises.

This new podcast series from the Society for Endocrinology and First Create The Media examines the stories and the science behind hormones, cutting through the myths and misinformation, providing real facts and enabling people to make better decisions about their health.

The series, with the help of presenter Georgia Mills, uncovers the truth about how hormones affect stress, sleep, body fat, fertility and almost every aspect of our daily lives and health.

Speaking with leading experts, she’ll be finding out about the controversies around hormone-hijacking chemicals in our environment, asking whether doping should ever be allowed in sport, discovering if vitamin D supplements can protect you from COVID-19, and – most importantly – finding out why Labradors are so hungry all the time.

Listen out for guest appearances from four-legged, jet-setting athletes, stressed violinists, sheep testicles, Victorian celebrity walkers and impossible sausages!

The podcast style is informative, with a warm, funny side, aimed at engaging people with the real science about hormones. Each episode is framed around a common question about a hormone-based hot topic:

Are my hormones making me fat?

Can I hack my hormones to beat jetlag?

Should I take a vitamin D supplement?

Should we have the steroid Olympics?

Is modern life overloading our stress levels?

Are everyday chemicals harming my health?

To listen and subscribe, simply search for ‘Hormones: The Inside Story’ and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. You can also follow us on Twitter @Soc_Endo and use #InsideHormones to keep the conversation going.


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