Creative Medical Technology Holdings Files Patent on Prevention of Organ Transplant Rejection using ImmCelz®


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Company Aims to Leverage Immune Modulatory Technology to Alleviate Need for Immune Suppressants after Transplantation

PHOENIXFeb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — (OTC – CELZ) Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. announced today filing of a patent application covering the use of ImmCelz® regenerative cell therapy for preventing rejection of transplanted organs.  ImmCelz® is a cellular therapy that prevents pathological immunity and inflammation while at the same time inducing regeneration of damaged tissue.  Mechanistically ImmCelz® has been shown to function through stimulation of T regulatory cells1 and producing the regenerative protein Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)2. The patent demonstrates that ImmCelz® may have the potential to inhibit chronic graft rejection, which is the major cause of organ loss.

“The concept of immunological tolerance has been around for more than a Century since the days of Peter Medawar,” said Dr. Amit Patel, Board Member of the Company and co-inventor of the patent. “Unfortunately, transplant recipients, which include some of my patients, need to take global immune suppressive medication to reduce immune-mediated rejection of the organ.  These medications, despite having made organ transplantation a reality, have potential side effects including various infections due to suppression of immunity.  ImmCelz® is being developed to induce immunological tolerance, which if achieved would allow for organ transplantation without need for continuous immune suppression.”

Sales of immune suppressants, which are used after transplants to prevent patients from rejecting their organs exceeded 4 billion dollars in 20183.

“To date the Company has reported therapeutic activity of ImmCelz® in models of rheumatoid arthritis4, stroke5, type 1 diabetes6, kidney failure7 and liver failure8,” said Timothy Warbington, President and CEO of the Company.  “Demonstration of enhancing graft survival in organ transplantation allows for a whole new area of medical progress.  Our scientists suggest the superior efficacy of ImmCelz® for organ transplantation is that the cellular therapy suppresses rejection, while at the same time regenerates the organ after transplantation.  It is known that the process of transplantation causes harm to the organ.”

“It is our goal to continue to broaden our intellectual property portfolio by patenting technologies that our scientific team determines to be worthwhile and in the area of our core concentration,” Mr. Warbington said further.


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SOURCE Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc.

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