Italy, Bologna: an insulin pump for Roberto Lambertini

I have lived with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 58 years, and since 1995 I have lived with complications related to the disease (retinopathy and renal failure), since 2001 with another autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, in 2004 I had a light stroke and several syncopal episodes of a cardiopathic nature linked to diabetic autonomic neuropathy. But the heaviest thing in the last 25 years has been the hypoglycemia, multiple and not felt, particularly serious was the one that happened in 2005 where following a fulminant hypoglycemia I fell to the ground on the street, causing several fractures to the humerus. right, left wrist and facial mass, with a few months of convalescence and a month of hospitalization.

And following this last episode, when the insulin pump came out in 2009, which monitored the hypoglycemic risk, it warned me and blocked the supply of insulin, without hesitation I asked the diabetologist to switch to the device and since then I have used it at full capacity and without interruption with good results.

Pubblicità e progresso

In the last ten years I have managed to keep the glycemic picture compensated quite well, but for 48 years with diabetes the disease has been decompensated quite heavily and diabetic doctors have put their burden on this, having always had to deal with superficial professionals to be good in the description, and where even the basic notions of the pathology were unknown or unavailable to me, as well as the information and treatment of my overall condition were and are ignored and / or neglected, just think, to stop only on diabetes, which in 58 years of illness have never checked the presence of lipodystrophies from insulin injections, such as peripheral vascularization on the limbs.

But in order not to go too far and not to bore you, I come to the conclusive summary linked to the last few months: since last December I have been using the 780G system which automatically adjusts the basal rate and largely prevents hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia with the goal, successful for 75 % for time, to preserve the glycemic compensation. During the trial period, HbA1C saw an improvement never achieved before and equal to 48 when the previous one was fixed at 58. Now the medicine says that it should be based on evidence and in this case they are evident. On the other hand, in April the diabetologist says that the device does not pass it to me, that it was a pleasure .

To understand: these tools are not a pleasure and not even the cure for type 1 diabetes, at the moment for those like me who know how to manage them they help prevent worse and even serious problems. But apparently the medical ethics in this case has gone to hell.

Apart from finding a diabetologist, urgently, not superficial and prepared on devices (insulin pumps and CGM), type 1 diabetes, willing to follow-up hybrid – presence + telemedicine, for me T1D with 58 disease and a certain background, given the urgency to continue using the device, which the diabetologist and the Emilia-Romagna Region do not pass on to me, I just have to buy it and not having the necessary money to do it I launch a collection with the hope of reaching the useful sum for the purchase. Among other things, on 4 September I will be 60 years old and your support would have a double meaning for me: a life-saving gift.

To make a donation click here (GoFoundMe) goal to reach: 4000 €

Of course, I remain at your disposal for any further details.



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