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People with Type 1 diabetes spend $2,500 a year in health care costs

While insulin comprises a big part of diabetes expenses for children and adults, diabetes-related supplies can cost even more. ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Adults and children with type 1 diabetes will spend an average of $2,500 a year out-of-pocket for health care – but insulin isn’t always the […]

ViaCyte Announces $27 Million Financing to Advance Next Generation Cell Therapies for Diabetes Type 1

PEC-Direct: Clinical data from ViaCyte’s product candidate has shown that implanted cells, when effectively engrafted, are capable of producing circulating C-peptide, a biomarker for insulin, in patients with type 1 diabetes PEC-Encap: ViaCyte’s cell therapy product candidate designed to treat all patients with insulin requiring diabetes is being […]

Higher fiber saves lives, but food processing may remove benefits

Eating more fiber can improve life expectancy for those with diabetes, Otago researchers say. Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions worldwide, is associated with serious medical complications, and increases the risk of dying from COVID-19. Two recent studies from University of Otago researchers have shown eating more […]

Human Islet Microtissue Perifusion in Organ-on-a-Chip Platform Provides Diabetes Researchers a Powerful Tool for Studying Insulin Release Dynamics

New study confirms hanging drop microfluidics platform for miniaturized islet perifusion assays enables high-resolution assessment of islet insulin secretion from single human islets over time. SCHLIEREN, Switzerland and BASEL, Switzerland, May 19, 2020 / — InSphero AG, the pioneer of 3D cell-based assay technology, and the Bio Engineering […]

Io l’insulina non ho per questo me la fo

Pensavate me lo fossi scordato eh? Invece no! anche se il 99% dei diabetici, dei diabetologi manco lo sa cosa è successo 96 anni fa! 96 anni fa precisamente il 27 luglio 1921 venne dato l’annuncio universale della realizzazione dell’insulina come farmaco da parte di un gruppo di […]

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