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Nervi is a former fishing village 12 miles Northwest of Portofino, now a seaside resort in Liguria, in northwest Italy. Once an independent comune, it is now a quartiere of Genoa. Nervi is 7 km east of central Genoa.
Located 25 meters above sea level, Nervi is a district of Genoa. At the beginning of the century, it’s mentioned as being surrounded with groves of olives, oranges and lemons, and beautiful gardened villas. The climate is moist and less dusty than the Riviera di Ponente, the part of the Italian Riviera west of Genoa, and is especially in favor with those who suffer from lung complaints.
Nervi is home to four significant museums.
The Galleria d’Arte Moderna, in the former Villa Serra and the Raccolte Frugone, in the former Villa Grimaldi have paintings, sculptures, and drawings by Italian and other artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection also includes items related to the cultural history of Genoa and Liguria.
The Wolfsoniana is a regional museum of the…

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