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Leptin puts the brakes on eating via novel neurocircuit

Energy balance includes modulation of dopamine reward signaling Philadelphia, April 6, 2021 – Since the discovery of leptin in the 1990s, researchers have wondered, how does leptin, a hormone made by body fat, suppress appetite? Despite tremendous gains in the intervening three decades, many questions still remain. Now, a new […]

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Spanish-speaking children experience higher rate of obesity than English-speaking children

Childhood obesity also more prevalent among U.S. households with low socioeconomic status WASHINGTON–Nearly one in five U.S. children and teenagers has obesity, and statistics show a higher prevalence of obesity in certain ethnicities, such as Hispanics and Blacks. Now results of a study being presented at ENDO 2021, […]

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Obesity Increases Covid Death Rate 10X, ERX Pharmaceuticals Novel Approach & Research Could Be Gamechanger

BOSTON, March 17, 2021  ERX Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class leptin sensitizer to treat obesity is moving forward with next stage of their FDA approved Phase 1 study evaluating ERX1000. If successful, ERX’s research could greatly reduce the prevalence of obesity worldwide, saving millions of lives lost to illnesses […]

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World obesity day 2021: da esperti e politica un forte richiamo a garantire cure e trattamenti adeguati alle persone con obesità

Secondo i dati dalla World Obesity Federation l’obesità interessa 800 milioni di persone nel mondo; in Italia, calcola Istat, riguarda 1 adulto su 10 e 1 bambino su 3 nella fascia di età fino a 8 anni. L’obesità, inoltre, rappresenta un importante fattore di rischio per diverse malattie […]

Genetic ancestry linked to diabetes, heart failure and obesity among Native Hawaiians

First-ever large-scale genetic study examining Hawaiian Polynesians and health risk is led by the Keck School of Medicine of USC With advances in analyzing human DNA, some well-studied populations have benefited from insights about how their health is affected by their genetic heritance. Others, however, have been left […]

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