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Cervello (“Brain”) is the name of an Italian rock band of the early 1970s.
Cervello was formed by musician from Naples. Corrado Rustici, then 17 year old, was the younger brother of Danilo Rustici, guitarist for another popular rock band from Naples of these years, the Osanna.
In 1973 the band released their sole album Melos, a brilliant Italian symphonic progressive rock production. In the track the band shows good instruments mastermanship, dazzling around sometimes over-complicated passages. Flutes and saxophones are used often to replace the usual keyboards and mellotron of other progressive works.
In spite of the good critical praise received, the band broke up in 1974. Corrado Rustici, after a brief stint with the Osanna, and lengthy tenure with Nova, started a successful career as a solo musician and producer. Gianluigi Di Franco collaborated with percussionist Toni Esposito in the early 1980s; later dedicated himself to musicotherapy researches.