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Rising heat plus strenuous jobs could hurt worker health, study finds

The historic heat wave that hit the Pacific Northwest last month was not just uncomfortable and oppressive—it was deadly. In Oregon, the triple-digit temperatures that scorched the region were responsible for 116 deaths, according to the Oregon Medical Examiner’s Office, and prompted Gov. Kate Brown to order Oregon […]

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Cuts to local government funding in recent years cost lives, study finds

A new study from researchers at the University of Liverpool shows that decreasing local government funding over recent years probably contributed to declines in life expectancy in some areas of England, which was stalling even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Local government funding and life expectancy in England, […]

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Researchers examine burden of electronic health record on primary care clinicians

Findings highlight streamlining opportunities allowing for general internal medicine and family medicine clinicians to have more time to interact with patients and families Primary care clinicians face a heavy administrative burden, spending significantly more time using the electronic health record (EHR) than their counterparts in other specialties. With […]

Diabete: un manifesto per l’agenda dell’UE sulla salute digitale

Da International Diabetes Federation Europe La digitalizzazione sta trasformando la cura del diabete, più e più velocemente di qualsiasi altra area terapeutica. Il diabete mette in mostra le promesse della salute digitale per le malattie croniche e dispiega tutto il potenziale dei dati. Le soluzioni basate sull’intelligenza artificiale (AI) stanno […]

Health disparities in type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 infection with Dr. Kathryn Sumpter

Black patients with Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 are almost four times as likely to present with diabetic ketoacidosis compared to white patients MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Non-Hispanic black patients with Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 were almost four times as likely to present to the hospital with diabetic […]

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