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Low socioeconomic status usually associated with more health problems

People are living longer than ever. The average age of the population is increasing. Yet the number of people with multiple chronic health problems, called multimorbidity, is also growing. However, the incidence of multimorbidity is not evenly distributed throughout the population. People in the lower socioeconomic strata are […]

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Digitalizzazione in sanità: un’esigenza per il sistema

Si è da poco concluso il progetto “Telemedicine R-evolution” di Roche Diabetes Care, in collaborazione con Motore Sanità, nato per capire cosa è stato fatto e cosa si potrà fare nel prossimo futuro nel cammino verso la digitalizzazione in sanità La pandemia Covid-19 ci ha portato a fondamentali […]

Creative workshops can aid mental health recovery

Artistic mediums such as visual art, music, dance and creative writing may empower people recovering from mental health issues to share their stories and gain confidence and understanding of their illness. A Griffith University study published in PLOS ONE, describes follow-up interviews with eight creative workshop participants recovering […]

Patients with non-cardiac chest pain are reassured with brief education

Sophia Antipolis – 12 December 2020: Patients diagnosed with non-cardiac chest pain are reluctant to believe they do not have heart disease. A new study shows that explaining the test results convinces patients and reduces the likelihood of future chest pain. The research is presented at EACVI – Best […]

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Researchers create roadmap for eliminating defects in health care value

New study estimates U.S. health care industry spends $1.3 trillion annually on sub-optimal behavior CLEVELAND — A new paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst states that the U.S. health care system spends in excess of $1.3 trillion annually on sub-optimal behavior and outlines a roadmap for […]

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